Effective Prayer

Not sure if that’s the right title or not, but it’s the one that comes to mind right now so I’ll use it. I’ll explain in a moment what my actual Rumination is all about.

First allow me to share who I am:

I am and have been a Spirit filled, Bible believing Christian for more than 30 years. I led Worship for 8 years, and have been involved in Prayer ministry for the last 20 years. Currently we (my wife and I) do Prayer ministry in church on Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings and any other time that there is a need. We do Prayer counseling using Elijah House counseling methods during the week. I try hard to pray regularly through the week. I believe that God still moves and heals and answers prayer today / all the gifts of the New Testament are for today!

So the reason and subject of this first post:

Why does prayer sometimes seem to come so easily and seem to be so fruitful, and at other times it’s so hard and seems to do so little good?

I have experienced both situations in my personal prayer times and in public ministry. Right now I’m in one of those “hard and seems to do so little good” phases, so I will ponder this issue first. Why do prayers sometimes seem to just flow off the tongue? They are eloquent and have great results. And then there are the other times when it’s almost impossible to form any kind of words? Times when there’s a situation before you and you can’t seem to form an appropriate prayer no matter how you try. Let’s start by exploring prayer in general…

Let me put a couple thoughts on the table that have come to my mind right off.

  • I believe that prayer is a two way conversation or interaction.
  • I believe that God always answers prayer.
  • The answer may not be the answer that you want, but it’s an answer. I’ll expand on that in a moment.

Let’s play a hypothetical situation:

Suppose that you have a friend that is sick. You would like to see your friend healed. He or she desires to be healed. You pray for the situation asking God to heal the friend. God responds and supernaturally heals. Is that how prayer works today?

God always answers prayer. He can respond in at least 3 or 4 different ways that come to my mind right now. He may say:

  • Yes. (Immediately)

The “Yes” is so awesome. You pray and the prayer is answered immediately, while you are still in the prayer situation.

  • No. (It just doesn’t happen!)

The “no” can be so disappointing. Praying maybe not once but many times for healing for some serious malady and nothing happens. Those who pray regularly have to be ready for this answer. God is still sovereign.

  • Later (A Yes but delayed for some reason)

This is really a Yes, but it doesn’t happen right away. Perhaps there is a faith action to be done – (2Ki 5:10) Elisha sent a messenger to say to him, “Go, wash yourself seven times in the Jordan, and your flesh will be restored and you will be cleansed.” It seems that I see the delayed answer often.

  • Different (He knows a better thing)

I’m sure most people can relate to God answering in a different way. We once prayed that God would move us to a certain town because we so loved the church there. Instead of moving us there, He brought the dynamic worship and almost revival to our little church right where we were!

But – as I’m thinking, reflecting and rambling on this subject – I’m thinking that there’s more to the process. Look at it again:

You have a friend that is sick. You would like to see your friend healed. He or she desires to be healed. You pray for the situation asking God to heal the friend. God responds and supernaturally heals.

Think about it. I’m an old Quality Engineer. Wearing that analytical hat – I think we need more…

Tune in tomorrow



About Ron

Former life - Quality Engineer / retired Current life - Prayer minister / Prayer Counselor / Retired
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