It has been a few days since I finished the 5 Parts of Effective prayer. The process that I detailed really worked well for me.

  1. A bit of repenting and asking for forgiveness
  2. A few changes to my days
  3. A whole lot of prayer
  4. Voila! I’m back.

A scripture that I ruminated on during the process:

2 Chronicles 7:

Verse 14) “if My people
who are called by My name
will humble themselves,
and pray
and seek My face,
and turn from their wicked ways,
then I will hear from heaven,
and will forgive their sin
and heal their land.

Verse 15) “Now My eyes will be open
and My ears attentive to prayer made in this place.

You can walk through this scripture and see the requirements for all of us, but especially for the serious prayers…

If My people – You gotta be one of His first off. In my mind that means one who is born again and honestly professes Jesus as Lord (as a minimum?).
Who are called by My name – Followers of Christ Jesus / “Christians”
Will humble themselves – Humility is a requirement when we are in the presence of our Lord and Master.
And pray – It takes this much to get to the place of placing my petition! Prayer does matter and it works!
And seek My face – We seek His face (and His will) as we pray. It’s a relationship with our Heavenly Father.
And turn from their wicked ways – repentance and forgiveness play a big role in coming before Him with our petitions. Again it’s all about right relationship.
Then I will hear from heaven – This I see as a promise! He hears the petitions of “His people.”
And will forgive their sin – Forgiveness of sin! Jesus said which is easier… Forgive sin or heal (Matt 9: 5ff)
And heal their land. – I’m taking from this verse (I believe correctly) that the petition may be other than the one time that this was written to the Jews.

Verse 15) “Now My eyes will be open – When we are in right relationship He sees us…
and My ears attentive to prayer made in this place. — … and He hears us!!

Maybe not a great revelation, but I think you could carry this scripture a long ways while teaching a class on prayer.




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