Blue Sky / Red Sky

Luke 21

28) “Now when these things begin to happen, look up   and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.”

In my first post of 2011, I want to try to share a vision that I had in the month of December. I have only gotten clarity on this vision in the past several days. I hope that you all don’t think I am some kind of weirdo for having visions. I’m sharing an experience – that’s all…

The picture on the left is the best approximation that I could find on the internet, of what I saw the first day. Allow me to share my experience:

On Saturday morning – 12/11/10

My eyes were closed / I was ruminating on what I had read that morning:

I saw simply a tree, just as it would be today, outside in Minnesota. The sky was brilliant blue behind it and snow was swirling around it. That was all I saw for this vision. It was an actual picture that I saw as if printed on the inside of my eyelids…

I sensed the following words (as from God to me):

The tree symbolizes My kingdom (Gods Kingdom) here on earth, today. Looking at the tree it looks dead – period! But it has gone dormant under My control and is resting. Both in the natural and the Spiritual, a time is coming and is not far off when this tree will begin to bud and to leaf out again. The ground will warm and life will come again to the landscape. In the same way – the Spiritual landscape is getting ready to thaw and break forth with life. Be sensitive to the warming. Watch for the minor but significant changes to the environment and the landscape. As you see the signs early, you will be ready to react appropriately to this soon coming change. With seasonal change of any kind there will be storms. With your preparation and my help, you will weather them. Like storms in the natural, the storms in the Spiritual are needed to shake and loose things that need to be changed.

On Monday morning 12/13/10

Another vision very much like Saturday. The tree was the exact same tree, except that it was just beginning to bud out and the sky was very red behind the tree. My photo Shop example to the Left doesn’t do the vision justice, but it gives you an idea.

At the time I did not get a sense of the meaning of this second tree. The symbolic meaning of the colors is:

Blue has symbolism of heavenly, authority, Jesus.

Red has a meaning more of war, bloodshed, and death.

I put the pictures on the shelf and let them “cook” for a while…

As I said at the beginning of this post – I feel like I have a bit more clarity on these pictures today.

The first understanding of the tree with the blue sky that I shared above still stands. Gods Church of today may look dead, in many places in the world, but there is still life deep down as in a tree that is dormant. No matter how cold and bleak on the outside, the life remains within.

The second “Red Sky” picture is that same tree as the life begins to come back into it. The red sky behind symbolizes difficult times and even war. I believe what the second picture is saying is that the church will come alive again (possibly very soon), but that life will be triggered by times of difficulty, persecution and other such things. It is, after all, in times of persecution that the church truly thrives and grows.

This is what I saw and the interpretation that I received. I have no time frame, but it seemed that it might be quite near at hand. So as my opening “Red Letter” verse said, “when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.”

Keep Looking UP!!!



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3 Responses to Blue Sky / Red Sky

  1. Gary Horton says:

    Thanks for sharing your vision. Very interesting and thought provoking indeed. I am currently reading one of Andy Stanley’s books “Louder Than Words”. It is a call to our returning to the task of renewing our minds so that the Lord can transform us and thus build greater measures of character, the character of His Son, in us. It seems to be a very timely word for me. I am amazed when I look at that and see the deficits in my life and in those we counsel. It truly is a time to be preparing.

  2. Lorelei Weidman says:

    WOW – I can identify with the “looks dead” part. It’s part of the puzzle I’m looking at.
    Thanks for sharing. We appreciated sharing time with you two. Need to do it more often. Blessings LW

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