Turn North!

Deuteronomy 2 (NKJV)

3 You have skirted this mountain long enough; turn northward.

The nation of Israel had not trusted God in His promise to give them their Promised Land. They were within eyesight of where God wanted to take them but had to leave and go back to wandering, because of their unbelief. So for a while (many days) they just circled and circled this mountain. Pretty much a guided tour – “… and on your left is Mount Seir again today…”

I’m thinking that they were in this holding pattern for a reason, though scripture doesn’t tell us exactly what. However, when the reason was accomplished, they had to stop circling and get on with their journey.

What’s your mountain?

What issue have you been circling for way too long in your life?

Is God speaking a word to you today to “Turn North?” “Move on.” “Let it go!”

We all will have circling issues at times in our lives. We are uncertain what to do about an issue so we do nothing. We have an issue with someone or perhaps even God, and we can’t let go of it. There comes a time when it is time to move on. We need to “Turn North!”

Consider what issues you have been just chewing and chewing on for way too long. Spend some time in prayer and find out what direction He would have you turn to get out of that circle. Then just Do It! He wants you free of the issues that consume you and keep you from attaining the things that He wants for your life. Try it – you’ll love the scenery much more that the mountain of your issue on the left…




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2 Responses to Turn North!

  1. Good Morning. A short blog with a big message. Yes, it is time to head in a different direction with this individual that has not kept his word in a debt situation. It is time to just let go . . . and let God. A great thought provoking message. FREEDOM.

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