Mark 5 (NKJV)

17 Then they began to plead with Him to depart from their region.

They must have been uncomfortable in the presence of Jesus. Their request is “Please go away so we don’t have to feel this way!” As we read this scripture we don’t really know why they felt that way or said those words. Scripture just doesn’t tell us.

My question is – “Why do we sometimes feel or act that way? ”

More precisely – I’m looking at myself as I cannot talk to anyone else’s thoughts and feelings…

I have this stubborn, fallen nature. Sometimes I just want to do things that I know I shouldn’t do. Or I want to do something my own way when I know that He would have it done a different way. It’s in those times that I try (don’t succeed, but try) to send Him away. He is always the gentle God “who will not break this fragile reed”, so He leaves me go my way.

I don’t think He really leaves, for there is another scripture also says that “He will never leave me or forsake me”. Nevertheless, He lets me do it my way. In a way, He is like a parent that must sometimes let the kid fail, isn’t He? Therefore, I do it my way and I fail.

Then when I realize my failure, I go to my knees or I shoot one of those arrow prayers and invite Him back into my life and into the situation. Sometimes we can re-do the situation and have it be OK. Sometimes I have to do some reaping of the bad seed that I have just sown and live with a bad outcome. He must follow His own Divine Laws and let the consequences arrive.

So today I am hearing, from these few words of scripture, this:

“Don’t send Me away. I am here to lead, to guide, and to help you to be the person that I created you to be. Stay close to Me. Hear My words through regular Bible reading, studying and ruminating on them. Hear My heart through your quiet time with Me. Ask Me to be there in every situation, and I will be!”


Keep Him Close…




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